A Day out with the Elders

The old folds at the local senior living facility mostly just sit around, playing bingo, checkers, or watching television. Even though many of them have relatives that come to visit them, they don’t do it often enough, and the resident can become bored. I decided to do something to cure this boredom for at least one day. I talked to the people who run the facility and asked them if I could use a Diamond Party Bus to take the residents somewhere nice. They agreed, and I made arrangements for the bus.

Once the residents were in the bus, we headed of to an outdoors area. This area is a tourist attraction where people can camp, hike, have picnics, feed animals, and in the winter, play in the show.

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Google, tata employees involved in sex trade, identity theft are allegedly using directed energy weapons, radiation torture extensively on harmless identity theft victims especially in panaji, goa causing very great pain, memory loss, headache, insomnia. The torture victim cannot work during the day or even sit at a place during the day, because the sex animal security, ntro employees who enjoy free sex with tata’s sex worker R&AW employees sunaina, siddhi or are bribed by /related to other tata, google sponsored fraud raw/cbi employees like gsb fraud housewifexcfg riddhi nayak, nayanshree hathwar, veena .
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Tourists more likely to research restaurants online

It is observed that tourists to a particular place, city or town are more likely to research the local restaurants and other places online to find suitable places for getting food and beverages. Most people residing in a particular area for a long period of time are aware of the local restaurants and other places supplying food. However tourists who come to the place for a relatively short period of time, sometimes to visit local casinos have little or no information about the places for eating out, so to get information quickly instead of asking a local person, they are more to search for food online to find nearby restaurants, takeaways and other places for eating out.

Many food related startups closed

Though an increasing number of people are using the internet for researching online food related information, a large number of high profile food related startups closed in the last few years. This exposes the little known fact that many of the most powerful officials in the indian internet sector are not very good at accurately assessing the demand for a particular service, often letting their ego affect their judgement. Just like hubris was responsible for the fall of the great Roman empire , the same hubris adversely affected the judgement of many of the most powerful officials who took some decisions which not only resulted in the waste of a huge amount of indian tax payer money, it also destroyed the life of many harmless hardworking honest indian citizens.
There are many problems faced accessing the internet in India and unless these problems are solved, the online eating websites will often find it difficult to get a large number of customers

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Vehicle wheels and tyres

One of the most important part of a vehicle are the vehicle tyres, and these can get easily damaged while travelling, especially on roads which are not well maintained. So many car owners in rural areas are keeping a spare tyre manufactured by the same company in their vehicle so that they can change the car tyre whenever they wish to, when travelling long distances in remote areas.

Selecting a motel

Though few places can match the comfort of a home, people may be forced to relocate to another city or town if they are victims of stalking or harassment or have got a new job. In such cases, many people are living in a hotel or motel for a short period of time , till they find a suitable home on rent. To get the best deal on motels, it is advisable to check the website Motel Tips , for selecting the right motel and getting the best rates and experience. The website Motel Tips has information on a large number of motels, including facilities offered

Top officials in goa promote call girls and frauds, making it sex capital of india

While goa has not been able to attract many industries, it is becoming world famous for drinking, drugs and prostitution. This is because top intelligence and security agency officials in goa do not recognize or promote technical, engineering skills, they falsely claim that lazy greedy mediocre inexperienced goan call girls with powerful lovers, cheater housewives who did not study for an engineering degree are experienced engineers to give the goan call girls great powers, lucrative government jobs with fake resume, fake investment, fake work.
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Government policy of rewarding mediocrity cause of airline problems

On December 27, 2016, two near mishaps were reported at Goa , Dabolim airport involving a Jet Airways flight, and an Indigo, Spicejet flight at Delhi airport. The former director of Air India in a television interview said that the government policy of not rewarding or valuing experience, technical skills is one of the reasons why air travel in India has become very unsafe.
In USA, the federal aviation body has downgraded indian airspace safety after looking at the policies, systems and people in charge. The DGCA, Directorate General of Civil aviation in India is supposed to look after safety standards for airlines and planes, however the administrator in charge is only a civil servant, he has no prior experience in the aviation sector, so will not have the indepth knowledge required to improve conditions.
This is in line with the government policy of rewarding mediocrity, laziness, inexperience and fraud with senior government jobs, For example for more than 6 years, cbi, ntro, tata, google, indian government have been allegedly falsely claiming that 10 lazy greedy google, tata sponsored goan sex workers, cheater housewives and other fraud indian intelligence employees who never answered JEE or worked as engineers, have zero online experience, investment have the impressive resume including btech 1993 ee degree, investment online and offline of a google competitor, an experienced single woman engineer and india’s largest female domain investor

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Careless white Honda car driver number plate G 03 C3232 damaged car

Looking for information on the lady driver of a large white Honda car with number plate G 03 C3232 who has caused a lot of damage to another vehicle with her careless driving. The white honda car tried to overtake from the wrong side at caculo circle , near broadway book store, St inez, panaji,goa and damaged the front side of a maruti car at around 5.40 pm on 19.11.2016, saturday. She did not bother to stop .
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