Tourists rush to goa for gambling and other activities

42 tourists caught gambling in hotel at Calangute, Goa
while other states have imposed restrictions because of the covid-19 pandemic, goa has relaxed all rules for tourists visiting goa. There are no restrictions at all compared to the rest of india, other than wearing a face mask, no form filling or quarantine from September 1, 2020.
So tourists all over india are rushing to goa, for enjoying and parties are in full swing in goa according to media reports.
The newspapers also reported that 42 tourists were caught matka gambling in a hotel in Calangute, Goa.
These tourists were mainly from Gujarat, Maharashtra and other states and included two advocates. Card swiping machines and a large amount of cash was also recovered.
Like mentioned earlier, goa has a large number of tourists from gujarat, which has prohibition. In most states, the government is very strict to prevent covid-19 spread, so people are coming to goa to enjoy.

Hotels in Goa allegedly blind to sex racket

The media in Goa covered yet another sex racket exposed by the police, only in this case, the amount involved was shocking especially to the harmless paypal account holders who are falsely accused of having “black money”. The sex racket exposed in June 2016, was a high end sex racket, with the clients paying between Rs 50000 at a minimum with the amount rising to between Rs 5 lakh and Rs 20 lakh for models and actresses for a single client.

These models and actresses were finding it difficult to get work, so they contacted the pimp Anand Kumar or Andy who had a high end clientele willing to pay a large amount. According to police sources the pimp Andy would split the amount received with the woman, and had become extremely wealthy in a short span of time, owning three plush homes in and around Panaji. For these sexual favors usually all the payment is being made in cash only, Black money .

When a paypal account holder receives Rs 30000 in their bank account for sale of domain names or advertising, the security agency officials become paranoid that it is going to be used for a terror attack, and shout black money, though it can be easily accounted for. On the other hand, women and their associates are receiving lakhs daily in black money only, yet there is no one in panaji or goa monitoring their activities, what is cbi doing?

The media also reported that the hotel managers were aware why these women were coming to their hotels, yet they ignored the matter and did not report it to the police.Only now the police are checking the hotel records for more details. It would be interesting to know the names and profile of the clients of these women who were paying Rs 5 lakh to Rs 20 lakh for a single day. The hotels did not want to lose their regular customers, reporting the matter to the police.

Tickets/entry passes for Zinedine Zidane promotion in Mumbai available

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The event will be held between 4 pm and 6 pm on 10 June 2016 in Mumbai.
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Bengali tourist dies at Colva, Goa in paragliding incident

In an indication that adventure sports remain risky, a 49 year old Bengali tourist ShashiShekar Prasad from West Bengal died after a paragliding accident at Colva beach in South Goa. The bengali tourist had come to Goa along with his wife and children for a cloth merchants conference at a hotel in Utorda. On 24 May 2016, at approximately 3.30 pm he went to Colva beach with his wife for a boat ride. Due to rough seas, the boat ride was not available so he decided to go for paragliding. Initially he was apprehensive because of his weight, however the paragliding operator ignore his concerns.
Soon after he was ejected the hook of the suit, parachute for paragliding came off and Prasad fell into the sea less than a kilometer from the beach. Though the lifeguards present at the beach had speedboats, it took them approximately ten minutes to help Prasad and it was too late, he was declared dead when taken to Hospicio Hospital in Margao.
The Goa government reacted to the incident and banned all adventure activities. Later it was announced that only winch parasailing and jet skiing would be allowed till May 30, 2016. Traditionally water sports are not allowed after May 31 every year till the monsoon recedes due to choppy weather.

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Guide to eating, travel and entertainment

Information on eating and entertainment while travelling on business, personal work or on holiday
Most people have a fixed daily routine while at home, however while travelling usually to a new place they find it difficult to get reliable information on eating and entertainment.
Many people fall sick while travelling, especially in countries like India and are robbed while travelling, so some tips on travelling, eating and entertainment options including music, theater, zoos, exhibition, sight seeing

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