Tourists in goa increasingly preferring rented rooms compared to hotels

According to media reports, the tourists are increasingly preferring to live in rented rooms and houses compared to hotels. The homes are often cheaper than living in a hotel.
Additionally while hotels will ask for id proof when the tourist is checking in, the rooms and homestays will not ask for id proof.
The hotel owners are complaining about the loss of business, yet there is no action taken against the room owners.
The tourists are claiming that they are avoiding hotels due to fear of covid-19

More tourists visit goa during republic day weekend

In India, doing a job is preferred because the salaries are very high, and the employees also get many holidays.
During the republic day weekend ,the well paid salaried employees are visiting goa for a holiday, they have plenty of money and free time to enjoy themselves
This unlike the indian internet sector, where indian paypal holders are ruthlessly cheated, exploited and robbed so that google, tata sponsored goan call girls, cheater, robber housewives,stock brokers, mba hr ruchika kinge and other frauds raw/cbi employees can get monthly government salaries only for FAKING bank account, domain ownership, computer work, with tata power employee’s wife nayanshree, the main beneficiary of india’s greatest online fraud.

Tourists rush to goa for gambling and other activities

42 tourists caught gambling in hotel at Calangute, Goa
while other states have imposed restrictions because of the covid-19 pandemic, goa has relaxed all rules for tourists visiting goa. There are no restrictions at all compared to the rest of india, other than wearing a face mask, no form filling or quarantine from September 1, 2020.
So tourists all over india are rushing to goa, for enjoying and parties are in full swing in goa according to media reports.
The newspapers also reported that 42 tourists were caught matka gambling in a hotel in Calangute, Goa.
These tourists were mainly from Gujarat, Maharashtra and other states and included two advocates. Card swiping machines and a large amount of cash was also recovered.
Like mentioned earlier, goa has a large number of tourists from gujarat, which has prohibition. In most states, the government is very strict to prevent covid-19 spread, so people are coming to goa to enjoy.

Indian government employee tourists famous for splurging money on escorts in USA, Israel, Turkey

Google, tata, ntro, raw, cbi have criminally defamed the domain investor in the worst possible manner, for refusing to agree to identity theft and exposing their sex, bribery racket for the last 10 years.
So it is very difficult for the domain investor to get any kind of advertising, to cover the cost of domain renewal.
Some of the main advertisers in the last few months are escort agencies from USA, Israel, Turkey, who realize the reality that indian government employees are extremely obsessed with beautiful women, and will break all rules to please these beauties.
In addition their very good salary, pension, the indian government employees also have plenty of money from bribes which they extort from harmless indian citizens, abusing their great powers. Even the escort agencies in USA, Israel, Turkey are aware that indian government agencies are closely monitoring the websites in the network, to find proof against the domain investor who is falsely labelled a security threat for the last 10 years.
So one of the best ways to get a well paid senior indian government employee visit their escort website, as part of the work, is by advertising on the websites of the domain investor, since the paranoid indian government agencies will click on the link thinking it is some terrorist website

Cannot contact a hotel

Officials are so desperate to frame a domain investor, falsely claiming that she has no expenses, that they are not allowing her to contact a hotel for planning a holiday. She has wasted more than 1 hour trying to contact the hotel in Karwar, Karnataka, however due to ntro, raw, cbi call diversion, she has not been able to speak to anyone

Hotel rooms available for rent

Hotel rooms available for rent all over India at the following locations on double occupancy basis in Sterling Holidays resort
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Renting the rooms due to a demise in the family, making it difficult to go on a holiday
Tourist will have to pay Rs 1000 at the resort as guest charges + taxes as applicable
Id proof required at the time of check in.
Interested tourists/holidayers can send their best offer for the holiday. Free coffee,tea, swimming pool, recreational facilities

Western India
Goa – Villagio, Club Estadia

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East India

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Karnataka waterfall picnic exposes Google’s online fraud

To destroy the reputation of India’s largest female domain investor, google, tata are allegedly involved in a major online fraud, falsely claim that the lazy greedy goan gsb fraud R&AW employee siddhi ma, who does no work online, is a domain investor, online expert and paypal account holder. In reality the fact that the google, tata sponsored fraud siddhi does no work online can be easily proved.
A few weeks ago, the R&AW employee siddhi and her boyfriends went for a picnic in north karnataka near a waterfall or underground cave , at least 100 km from Panaji. Since siddhi lives in north goa, the trip alone must have taken at least 3 hours in the monsoon as the place was some distance away from the goa border. As siddhi and her associates must have also spent a few hours enjoying themselves, changing into a swimsuit or swimming trunks, playing in the water , having meals,it is obvious that she and her associates must have not done any work online that day associated with the Paypal account she falsely claims to own.

However some work is done daily related to the paypal account, and it is not done by the goan gsb fraud siddhi riddhi, their associates or any indian government employee. Yet google, tata, ntro, raw, cbi continue with their lies of falsely claiming that the lazy greedy goan gsb fraud R&AW employee siddhi, a shameless liar, is doing work online, to give her great powers in the indian internet sector, a monthly salary.

When the goan gsb fraud R&AW employee siddhi and others like sunaina, riddhi, veena, nayanshree are not doing any work online, why are google, tata, ntro, cbi, falsely claiming that these fraud indian intelligence employees, who are least interested in working online, are internet experts to pay them a monthly salary.
Are these completely fake claims promoting a lazy inexperienced fraud as an expert, not an online fraud of the sundar pichai led google, and their associates ?