Call girl R&AW employees sunaina, siddhi make goa famous for sex trade

In most other states in India, experienced engineers are treated with some respect, however ugly or short they may be . Only in goa, the local security and intelligence agencies, cbi, ntro are so devoid of morals, honesty that they continue to falsely claim that the google, tata sponsored R&AW employees sunaina, siddhi, sex workers and other frauds like riddhi, naina, are online experts, domain investors and experienced engineers, viciously defaming, cheating and exploiting the real domain investor and experienced engineer.
Because of the great fraud of intelligence and security agencies, the experienced engineer and domain investor is forced to warn people about the lies of google, tata, cbi, ntro and other government employees to avoid further losses, further exploitation. In no other state of india have the local intelligence and security agencies behaved so dishonestly, cheaply falsely claiming that goan sex workers, cheater housewives and other frauds are experienced engineers, domain investors and paypal account holders.
On forums and other websites, no one is complaining so loudly and so bitterly about fraud, cheating, exploitation because most government employees in other states have some morals at least .When the domain investor is forced to tell people that the google, tata sponsored sex worker R&AW employee sunaina, siddhi do not own her domain names, they are only the mistresses of top ntro, cbi, government employees, it again makes goa famous for sex trade, that goan women, have no morals at all, will have sex with powerful men to become rich and powerful overnight.