Luggage theft during travel

One of the greatest risks of travel in India today, especially for middle aged individuals is the theft of their documents and other possessions while travelling from one place to another. There are some extremely powerful gangs affiliated with indian intelligence and security agency officials who will attack the traveller with invisibledirected energy weapons to cause headache, memory loss to make it easier for these gangs to steal the documents.
The documents are then misused for identity theft or to blackmail the individual to give up his or her impressive resume for the lazy greedy mediocre friends and relatives of powerful officials. It appears that domain investors and Paypal account holders in india are specifically targetted for identity theft and a huge amount of indian tax payer money is wasted to put them under surveillance so that the theft of luggage can be planned.

So if you are a domain investor or Paypal account holder avoid travelling to the extent possible, especially alone , as these gangs are extremely proficient in stealing the luggage of targetted travellers

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