Officials in Goa do not care for their online reputation

On one hand, the goa government has been spending a large amount trying to promote goa to the rest of the world to attract tourists and investment to the state, on the other hand cruel greedy officials in the state are allowed to abuse their powers, misuse expensive equipment to relentlessly stalk and torture a harmless obc single woman engineer, domain investor and Paypal account holder causing great pain.
These officials especailly obc sex bribe giver sunaina’s pimp pritesh are allegedly bribed by google,tata to abuse their powers to ruin the memory, health of the harmless domain investor who has not broken any law. Officially the government has refused to acknowledge the torture and human rights abuses of the brilliant harmless obc single woman engineer.
However being a trained engineer, the woman being tortured daily in panaji, goa is aware that she is being intentionally attacked using radiation weapons to cause great pain, memory loss, and an attempt is being made to document every attack on her for reference online and hoping to ensure that the officials stop the torture. One or more NTRO or other employees are wasting their time, tax payer money, to stalk and attack her to cause great pain almost daily.

The officials who are torturing the harmless engineer seem to be unaware of the fact that visitors from all over the world are checking the websites where their atrocities are documented. So while the goan government spends a large amount trying to attract tourists to the state, some dishonest corrupt employees of a central or state government organization are working overtime to ruin the reputation of the state for their personal gain or hatred

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